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Accessing Openhab sitemaps through Nextcloud

There are different UI’s for your Openhab server, like the Basic UI or HABPanel. But if you are also using Nextcloud then there is one more now. The Openhab viewer integration app let’s you visualize your Openhab sitemaps through the API of Openhab.

In my setup, I have a Nextcloud instance running that is publicly accessible and an Openhab instance that is only available in my local network. The Openhab viewer app allows me now to access my sitemaps, e.g. temperatures, states etc. from everywhere without making the Openhab instance public.

For security reasons, the app currently only allows to read states, but not to update them. The following item types of a sitemap are supported:

  • Frame
  • Group
  • Text
  • Switch
  • Chart
  • Colorpicker

If you want to give it a try, move over to the Nextcloud app store or install the app directly from your Nextcloud instance.



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